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Introduction to the Cervus Group & Fund

 The Cervus Group & Fund was created to respond to the many middle-market companies that are unable to unlock their hidden value as a result of being under capitalized and/or lacking diversified executive experience.  Our focus is directed primarily toward companies that have been identified as the growth opportunity industries of the next decade -- technology, software, consumer products, and health and wellness. 

The Cervus Group & Fund operates as a business development company specializing in middle-market companies.  In addition to assisting with private equity and venture capital investments, we provide managerial and strategic assistance to companies helping them right-size their cost structures, bolster their management teams, develop their marketing, operational and financial strategies, acquire other companies and provide a host of other services, all focused on maximizing enterprise value within an established timeline for a liquidity event.  We also work directly with private equity groups advising them on their portfolio investments.