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Our Approach

The unique nature of the Cervus Group & Fund is the approach taken to realize the value of its investments.  The Cervus Group & Fund employs a comprehensive approach to maximizing shareholder value.  We utilize operational and strategic leadership skills in additional to financial resources in order to return a company to stability (and profits), and then focusing on growth.  By working closely with company management, our hands-on approach shortens the amount of time required to reach the objective of realizing value. 

The Cervus Group & Fund brings unparalleled experience to each situation.  The process starts with the depth of senior management experience of the Managing Directors (fund principals) and continues with the individual experts used in assisting their clients in achieving a wide variety of critical business objectives.   Each principal of Cervus will play an active role in forming and implementing the initiatives of Cervus’s portfolio companies including:

Interim Executive Management                      Strategic and Financial Planning
Executive Coaching                                        Profit and Asset Productivity Improvement
Cash flow improvement                                  Financial Restructuring
Manufacturing Operations Excellence            Process Simplification
Creation of Core Business Focus                     Supply Chain and Inventory Management
Marketing and Sales Channel Management    Information Technology  ImIementation
Fund/Portfolio Mgmt & Fiduciary Oversight     Exit Strategy Development

Risk is minimized by balancing strict discipline with sound business judgment to invest in targeted companies at an appropriate price. Each targeted investment will be carefully scrutinized to identify specific and measurable operational opportunities for both short- and long-term improvement.